Bless Our Vets

On this page, we would like to honor classmates who served in the US Armed Forces.  We will provide a list by service branch.  Please complete the Update Us form (Click Here) and provide us with your information, or send us an email at with the information of another classmate.

Ron Soukup - retired U.S. Air Force

Franklin Abbott - U.S. Air Force

James Rowlands  - U.S. Air Force

Susan McCormick - U.S. Air Force

Denver Watson - 22 years U.S. Air Force

Ric Bennett - U.S. Air Force

General "Rick" Shingler - U.S. Air Force

Bruce Dennis Boyce - U.S. Air Force

Dave Atterholt - U.S. Air Force

Joe Marino - U.S. Air Force

Jess Richard  Brown - U.S. Air Force (Deceased)

Rodney Smith - U.S. Air Force (Deceased)

Dave Bartlett - U.S. Air Force

Daniel Young - U.S. Air Force

Robert Ford  - U.S. Army

Anita Louise Dean -  U.S. Army (Deceased)

Patrick Nicholson Bowling - U.S. Army

Sharon Morgan - U.S. Army

Raymond Moore - U.S. Army

Mark Ott - U.S. Army

Bengt Eric Johansson - U.S. Army  (Deceased)

David Dixon - U.S. Army

Wayne Butler, Jr. - U.S. Army

Donald Peterson - U.S. Army,  (Deceased)

William Riley - U.S. Army

William Shell - U.S. Army

Roc Simmons - U.S. Army

Mark Walters - U.S. Army

Edward A. Halleck - U.S. Army,  (Deceased)

William Snyder - U.S. Army

Nancy Pritt Carter - U.S. Army (Deceased)

Robert Benyl - U.S. Army

Samuel Robert (Bob) Greenaway, Jr. - U.S. Army (Deceased)

David Neil Lake - U.S. Army (Deceased)

Clayton Dayton - U.S. Navy

Jeffrey Grunninger - U.S. Navy

Margaret Mary (Marge) Marotta - U.S.Navy (deceased)

Darrell Cottrell - U.S. Navy

Nicholas Kapusinski - U.S. Navy

William Shepard - U.S. Navy

Larry (Chris) Crano - U.S. Navy

Dwight A. Lehman - U.S. Navy (deceased)

Donald "Curt" Calhoun - U.S. Navy

James Maple - U.S. Coast Guard

Scott Santa - retired U.S. Coast Guard

Kerry Kilroy - U.S. Coast Guard

Donald Wayne Kay - U.S. Marine Corps (Deceased)

Ervin Milsch - U.S. Marine Corps