Class of 1973

Cuyahoga Falls High School

 Class Motto:  We look backward with pride and step forward with courage

Class Colors:  Light Blue & Dark Blue 

Class Flower:  White Rose

This Website is dedicated to remembering friends and classmates.  Here you will find reunion information, a memorial page, nostalgic photos & memories, plus a "Then & Now classmate information page.  For your enjoyment be sure to view all of the tabs/pages of this website from the drop down menu on your phone or the menu across the top depending on the device you are using.

WINNER WINNER!!!!!!!!  Celebrating the largest CFHS class ever.

And the winner of our contest for how many graduates we had is......Diane Miller McGhee......

-> 887 <-

"The Rock" is still there.   Go take your pictures now before it is painted over at CFHS.  By the front half circle on 4th Street

Mary Vrabel Pearce, Vonda Coffman, Dave Schultz, Tari Tolochko Hill, Sandy Dixson

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Part of your Reunion Committee hard at work from left:  Monna Nicholson, Sandy Dixon, Dave Schultz, Sue Alexander, Cheryl Chervenic  Lantry, Jan Carney.

Missing:  Tarri Tolochko, Jean Tempero, Mary  Vrabel, Vonda Coffman Janice Vitale, Heidi Von Gunton

A note from the committee…


Its been fun…it’s been a challenge…it’s been frustrating… and at times hilarious for all twelve of us.   But most of all, its been worth every bit of time and energy to enable the class of 1973 to enjoy a memorable reunion weekend.  Thanks to everyone who answered our FB help, jumped onboard to do some sleuthing to find our classmates and extended a helping hand to assist in this endeavor.


A grateful thanks to all classmates able to give generous donations. Also to Debbie DiNicola for free yoga, Betsy Mentz Meadows, pickleball, and Greg Loesch, golf organizer.


Our very special thanks to Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation & Alumni Association with special nods to Jerilynn Ferguson (Class of 1967) and Mark Noonan (Class of 1968).


We hope this weekend brings you much happiness. Enjoy reconnecting and reminiscing with other members of the CFHS Class of 1973.


Your 1973 Reunion Committee